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Rollforming Magazine is a business-to-business publication that specifically targets rollformers serving the construction industry. Launched in 2018, Rollforming has 6 issues per year. If you want to know more about stationary and portable machines; panels, gutter or trim; coil, coatings, accessories, roll-former controls and software, this is your magazine.

While visiting our site, be sure to check out the Rollforming Buyers’ Guide where the supplies and equipment you need, or the support you are looking for to tackle something new, is just a a few clicks away.

How is Rollforming Magazine unique?

  • The ONLY metal forming magazine specifically targeted at construction.
  • In 4 years Rollforming went from 0 to 16,000+ subscribers.
  • Roll forming and metal forming machinery require a significant capital investment. Companies with this machinery are typically manufacturers or large builders. These companies can buy your products in pallet, container and truck loads.
  • We actively seek your input. What topics in the industry need more coverage?

About Our Readers:

  • 15,000+ subscribers
  • 80% subscribed with the last 2 years
  • 100% subscribed within the last 3 years
  • Our readers buy in pallet, container and truck rolls
  • 55% of readers are Owner/President/Partner–Our readers are decision makers.

In Every Issue:

  • Industry & Supplier News
  • Business Connections
  • New Products/Product Guides
  • Insider Insights

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The Construction Rollforming Show is unique. If you roll form or use benders or brakes to form panels, channel, studding, soffits, gutters, carport or other construction components this is your show. The educational programming and exhibitors are tailored specifically to companies that roll form or metal form for the construction industry. This IS NOT a show for small contractors. This is a specific niche of manufacturers and builders large enough to do their own fabrication and buy materials and components in pallet, container or truck load lots.

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For More Information About Exhibiting Contact:
Missy Beyer
[email protected]

JANUARY 15-16, 2025

Since we publish magazines that have been around for decades, Shield Wall Media has long-standing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. The Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Show brings many of them together so builders of special-use residential structures can find the materials and services they need all in one place. In addition to a robust exhibit hall, the show includes educational sessions and other networking opportunities for manufacturers and shed builders.

For More Information Contact:
Missy Beyer
[email protected]

For More Information Contact:
Missy Beyer
[email protected]

Magazines and shows are a natural complement to each other. A show will reach a small number of people while a magazine will reach several times more. Both are about communicating information and providing an opportunity for businesspeople and manufacturers to interact.

Frame Building News is the largest and oldest post-frame publication in existence. According to our most recent survey, it is basically alone in its field. It is only fitting that Frame Building News has its own show.

Many shows try to be everything for everyone and see the number of bodies on the floor as success. We know our audience and we know what we want to deliver. Our goal is a qualified audience so we can connect exhibitors and the decision makers who want to do business with them. We do several things to achieve that goal.

Connecting Exhibitors and Decision-Makers

1. Our educational programming emphasizes topics decision-makers want to see. We are not targeting crews and the person holding the hammer. We value them, but they are not our target for shows.

2. Our educational programming is included with the charge for general admission. General admission is $50. If you have relationships with exhibitors, they have an unlimited number of free guest passes. These passes include the educational programming and are good for contractors, manufacturers, or anyone else. 

3. We keep it simple and business-oriented. If you are looking for a supplier, it doesn’t take three days. Our exhibit hours are Wednesday and Thursday so you can get in, do business, and still spend your weekend with your family.

The Post-Frame Builder Show is our third show. We continue to learn from our experience and strive to improve with every show. A huge part of that is listening to our exhibitors and attendees. We need feedback to keep getting better. 

For More Information Contact:
Missy Beyer


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