In an effort to make contractor’s jobs easier, Englert recently began offering optional gutter machine controls and shear on the right side of its 5- and 6-inch machines. Historically, gutter machines have had the controls and shear on the left side. Englert was the first machine manufacturer to offer the optional right-hand side controls and shear as well as standard. The idea for the machine was the brainchild of New York sales representative Lance Ninomiya.

Additionally, Englert also offers an optional safety limit switch on the cam shear on 5- and 6-inch gutter machines. The switch offers additional safety to the operator and prevents the machine from jamming, which was developed by Ninomiya with assistance from machine technician Ed Sutton.

Mustafa Beler, owner of Magic Gutters of Brentwood, New York, has good reason to believe the special Englert 555 gutter machine will improve safety and speed up roll forming. Why? He had personally modified his previous 5-inch gutter machine to put the shear on the right-hand side—which, in his opinion, made the job easier and faster.

“There’s no question that having the shear handle and the controls on the opposite side of the machine will make our work more efficient,” said Beler who is right-handed. “Having the switch will prevent any downtime from potential jamming of material.” RF