By ASC Machine Tools,

Wrench Set

Your wrench set should include open-end and box end wrenches up to a size of 1-1/8”. These will be used for tightening and loosening nuts.

Rawhide or Dead Blow

A Rawhide or Dead blow are great at dislodging stuck parts and ideal for striking objects with a great amount of controlled force.

Depth Gauges

Depth Gauges are an easy-to-use tool for measuring the depth of certain panel details.

Tape Measure

Measuring Tapes are used daily to double check the length and coverage of panels.

Socket Wrenches

Socket wrenches are ideal for easy tightening and loosening of common fasteners, nuts and bolts


Micrometers are used to double check the material thickness of coils

Allen Wrenches

Allen wrenches are used to fasten screws or bolts with a hexagonal socket.


The Protractor is designed for precision measuring of angles. It is one of the most valuable and useful tools when inspecting a profile shape.

Feeler Gauges

Feeler Gauges are a great tool to double check the clearance between roller dies.

Slide Calipers

Slide calipers in 6” and 12” width are used to measure outside, inside, depth and other profile dimensions.

Spanner Wrenches

Spanner wrenches with a hook are used to tighten or loosen threaded collars and retainer rings.


Handheld Mirrors in combination with a sheet of paper make it easy to visually check tooling clearances.