A successful 2021 Construction Rollforming Show was held June 3-4 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ohio’s last-minute relaxing of Covid-19 protocol can certainly be credited with helping to bring out pandemic-weary visitors, along with a couple days of rainy weather that took area construction crews out of the field and brought them into the convention center.

Despite several booths gone uninhabited by vendors who were leery of heading into a show so close to a pandemic, the mood among visitors was buy, buy, buy. Vendors who did attend overwhelmingly reported on the high-quality of visitors who came to finalize their buying decisions and sign purchase orders.

Shield Wall Media, publisher of Rollforming Magazine, sponsors the show and is in the process of reviewing show feedback. If you attended, we welcome your comments (send them to [email protected]). In the meantime, below is a look back at the show in photographs.