Bradbury announces a new partnership with Biegemaster, serving as the North American distributor for the XBend folder. This collaboration allows Bradbury to expand its folder offering for the metal building trim industry and the architectural market in North America.

“Working with Biegemaster, Bradbury will have a double-bend folder option with the latest folder technology for manufacturers,” says Matt Werner, Senior Manager of Global Marketing and Sales at The Bradbury Group.

The Biegemaster XBend features the automatic bending of material in two directions without manually turning it. It can handle parts up to 40 feet (12 m) in length and up to 14-gauge material thickness. The folder comes equipped with the BMS multi-touch control system, precise positioning of the material, a robust cutter, part preprogramming and the ability to archive all previously used projects on the machine.

“A recent installation of the XBend folder in a USA-based customer’s facility has yielded exceptional results, and Bradbury is excited to showcase the folder’s capabilities,” Werner says. 

In addition to sales, Bradbury will provide technical support, operator training, and spare parts inventory through the Bradbury customer service department.

Biegemaster, a family-owned German business in operation since 1955, specializes in manufacturing machines that deliver reliable, uniform profiles.