Sharon Thatcher, Editor sharon@

Now that Shield Wall Media has settled into its own office space, this issue of Rollforming Magazine signifies a couple of firsts in our history. The Fall issue is the first Rollforming Magazine to actually be produced entirely on our own turf (with the exception of printing). We were still in the moving stage for the Summer issue.

It also signifies the first issue in which I was responsible for gathering all the information from beginning to end. While I have a 10-year history of editing our construction magazines, roll forming is a new endeavor for me.

While it was a demanding challenge, I can’t say enough about the people who helped me bring the information together for this issue. I’m referring to people within the roll-forming industry: the business owners and company representatives I interviewed, who were so eager to help me gather valued information to get into the hands of roll-forming professionals. It speaks well of the industry and how it values the transfer of knowledge.

It has been a challenging few months due to the ownership change and move, but I was privileged to pay a visit to Union Corrugating in Tipp City, Ohio, on a trip back home to visit family. I hope to be able to visit more businesses going forward to get a first-hand look and feel for the industry.

If you have a topic you’d like to see covered, or you are willing to be part of this journey by contributing your voice and expertise, please feel free to contact me.