By Gary Reichert

According to the survey we completed business is generally good for most of us, but the world seems sideways. 

The preliminary numbers for GDP are out and showing a decline of 2.1%. The official number comes out in about 3 weeks, but it is pretty clear we are “officially” in a recession. Inflation is the highest since 1981. Material costs and supply chain problems are nearly universal. There is a lot of uncertainty about what comes next. I know, for me personally, that uncertainty causes more sleepless nights than any immediate challenges. Immediate challenges can be faced and overcome. Vague future problems loom like fog in an old horror movie. 

One of my favorite quotes from Jordan Petersen is “If you know the why, the how is easy.” The point is there is always a way to succeed. Eventually perseverance, effort, talent or whatever will always win. The question is are you willing to do what it takes to embrace the grind and succeed. There has to be a reason that you (and I) spend sleepless nights staring at the ceiling going over numbers, risk nearly everything you own and take time away from things you enjoy to be in the office weekend mornings. 

Call it embracing the grind, the suck or something different. But the discipline to do what needs to be done every single day is the key to success in a tough or competitive marketplace. Not everyone can. Friends I used to work with were betting I would not last a year at the pace I had in start-up mode. Three years later (on July 2) I am still here, mileage showing but still running forward as fast as I can.

What makes you able to embrace the suck? 

Going into a potentially challenging economic period, I would like to know. I think others would too. If you are comfortable sharing your “Why” send it to me and we will run the responses in an upcoming issue of Rollforming. RF