Welcome to the first issue of Rollforming Magazine since the announcement of the Construction Rollforming Show.

The 1st Annual Construction Rollforming Show will be held at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati on December 12 and 13. Organized by Rollforming Magazine, it will be focused on serving a rapidly-growing, but previously-under-served segment of the metal construction industry.

This show serves a huge segment of the industry that truly deserves attention. This need has been reflected in the reception we have received from the roll forming industry. We are already 75 percent sold out of exhibition space.

One of the major reasons for the support is because this is the only show where the educational programming is tailored specifically to roll formers. The exhibit hall is specifically for roll formers. Not contractors, not machinists—everything is exclusively for roll formers.

A preliminary draft of our educational programming is below. Please take a look. This is the minimum we will offer. Please feel free to contact me with input. If you have a suggestion for a topic or a recommended presenter, please share. We need to make this valuable to you, the roll former. Your input will help us help you. Contact me at [email protected].

To all of the exhibitors and the people in the industry who have offered your support, you will never realize how much I truly appreciate the help.

Thank you, and together we will make the Construction Rollforming Show a valuable resource for the industry.

Gary Reichert