By Gary Reichert

Welcome to the show issues of Metal Roofing and Rollforming magazines. I am taking a moment of front office privilege and providing one publisher’s letter for both magazines. These issues will be available at both METALCON and the Construction Rollforming Show.

While attending METALCON Oct. 12-14 in Indianapolis, be sure to stop by and complete the Business Climate Survey.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with METALCON where together we will collect and disseminate industry data. We are distributing a survey asking questions about business climate in 2022 and what you see happening moving in to 2023. 

The hope is that with the data we can recognize new trends and validate anecdotal information to help you successfully navigate the currently challenging business environment. 

A summary of the data will be offered in the December issue of Metal Roofing and the February issue of Rollforming. We are also collecting data for the other market segments we cover.

Shield Wall Media offers a sincere thank you to the staff at METALCON. Cooperation serves the industry and makes both of our organizations and the industries we serve stronger. RF