Titanium® FR High Temp and Fire Resistant Self-Adhered Underlayment is designed to provide the Class A fire resistance typically required for roofing assemblies installed in wildland urban interface (WUI) areas. 

As the highest classification for fire resistance in roofs per ASTM E108 or UL 790 fire testing, Class A indicates the material as “effective against severe fire exposure.” In WUI areas and other environments presenting a high risk for fire, a Class A roof is required by codes to help prevent the spread of external structure fires. Wildfires have remained a persistent hazard in many regions of the U.S. in recent years.

Proprietary technology in Titanium® FR is designed to mitigate the risk of fire spread to the roof deck under metal, tile, or asphalt roof coverings. The classification is particularly important for metal roof systems as most metal roof products cannot meet Class A fire resistance without either a special fire-retardant underlayment or installation of gypsum panels over the roof sheathing. 

In addition to supporting fire safety efforts, Titanium® FR High Temp and Fire Resistant Self-Adhered Underlayment feature Sure-Foot® technology to support walkability in wet and dry conditions. The new underlayment also features a specially engineered self-adhesive layer to allow repositioning for easy installation on the roof.