By Gary Reichert

Fall is beginning and for the construction industry that translates to trade show season. With the schedule of our shows and the others we attend, I realized how easy it is to take the organizations that support our industry for granted.

We work with most of the significant trade shows, from Fabtech to METALCON and support these shows. They are competitors in many ways, but the support (both ways) helps grow and strengthen the industry.

To that end I would ask that you take a minute and reflect on the benefits that the shows and magazines that service the industry provide. Without them where would you find product information/suppliers, best practices and get inspiration to make your customers’ dreams reality.

Please support all of the publications, shows and resources that support you. If you need a new product, tell the manufacturer you saw it at METALCON or read about it in Rollforming. If there are short surveys to gather industry data, take one or two minutes and respond. The fees to walk a trade show floor are usually minimal and our magazines are free to professionals in the industry. The manufacturers pay your way. Let them know their investment is worthwhile. 

If you value the industry metrics, networking or resources the media and event companies provide, take the small steps to support the entities that serve you. 

Thank you for your support. RF