By Karen Knapstein

When you think of how you came to be in this business, who are the people who made the biggest impact on you? Who did you call on to learn about running a business? Who taught you what’s needed to make your business a success? 

If the person (or people) you’re thinking of have been in the business a long time and have had a positive impact on others as well, they may be a good candidate for the Building Progress Award. What better way to express your appreciation and admiration than to nominate them for recognition from the entire industry. Please read through the information about the Building Progress Award on page 48. For your convenience, we’ve published a nomination form on page 49.

You may recall the publication of a Buyers’ Guide in the June 2020 and June 2021 editions. There’s no Buyers’ Guide included in this, the June 2022 edition. Rather than producing a Buyers’ Guide in four of our magazines (Rollforming Magazine; Rural Builder; Metal Roofing Magazine; and Garage, Shed & Carport Builder), we are publishing a single, stand-alone Buyers’ Guide (Business Directory). The Directory will be published late in the year and will be delivered directly to you at no cost; it will be polybagged with the December edition of Rollforming Magazine

You don’t need to do anything to get this special edition. As long as you’re currently subscribed to Rollforming (or one of the other three magazines listed above), you’ll receive the 2022 Business Directory.

Until next time — be well. RF