By Sharon Thatcher

Florida was ranked 7th among states in 2021 for population growth. Even with all the price and supply interruptions, times have been good for residential construction.  

On the flip side, times have not been so good for commercial and public project sectors that continue to struggle.    

These trends were clearly apparent when interviewing two Florida roofer/roll formers. In the Panhandle to the far north, Kent Construction and Roofing Inc., over 30 years old, is strictly a public projects and large commercial contractor. In the far south, near Miami, Coastal Metal Roofing Sales, just over three years old, is focused primarily on residential and private commercial.  

Both are successful companies that roll form and install standing seam roofs to a strong customer base. Both have recognized unique opportunities that allow them to growth. Together, they offer an interesting comparison of the residential vs. nonresidential marketplace as it is being experienced today not only in Florida, but throughout the country. RF

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