This is our third show and is a great unknown as I am writing this letter. New location, new time of year and what seems like a new and different world.

I have used the misquoted Zig Ziglar line “We heard about the recession and decided not to participate” often over the last two years. I look forward to the day I can retire that specific quote and the associated thought process. Another quote that seems to apply is: “Whereever you go, there you are” (free beer at the Happy Hour if you tell me the movie), so the Ziglar quote will stay for a while.

We cannot end a recession so the next best thing is to help you navigate it with the least amount of damage. There are three things I believe can help: relationships, education, and information.

We are all in New Orleans as you are reading this, so we can build the relationships. The show has educational programming and the magazines are all about getting you usable information. 

The last item on the list is information. We are proud to announce “Information” as a new direction for Shield Wall Media. You may have noticed us delivering several email surveys recently. Topics like roof color, how you use and attach snow guards, post-frame footer plate size, and we’ve asked what you build.

We are partnering with METALCON and PSMJ Media to do a full State of the Industry Survey looking at our segments of construction. We are going to share this information in our magazines and have a full report available on The email and marketing support will detail the premiums for completing the survey. This information will be available at no charge in December (and the first magazine issues of 2023).

One aspect of making good decisions is having good data to base them on. Fill out the survey and use the results how you see fit. 

Have a cookie and information to get you through some interesting times. I am not really a hugger, so settle for the cookie. 

— Gary Reichert, Publisher