The Star 1 Felt Applicator is for all brands of condensation felt. It should be emphasized that there is no indication that the problem with application has anything to do with the quality of the felt itself, but rather in the application process. Peel-and-stick condensation felt companies typically provide their roll former customers a simple machine that handles application at no additional cost.

Mike Shelburne, with Fasteners Direct LLC (, the U.S. distributor for CondenStop, said he has seen the Star 1 in operation, and says it does solve several issues. For one, it reduces the labor process. He noted that CondenStop’s applicator is designed to help get new customers up and running fast. “It offers the operators a turnkey low-cost entry,” he said. Improvements have been made along the way, he added, “and it works very well, but with our [applicator] you do need help with loading and attaching, whereas the Star 1 is totally a one-man operation.”

He also said that the Star 1 applicator can save on material. “The Star 1 comes literally right up to the end of the roll, so there is no waste, and you can then splice and seal very seamlessly to the next roll, and it’s hard to see the splice.”

With a $6,900 price tag, the Star 1 will likely appeal to experienced roll formers who have a larger market for condensation-control panel, the no-cost applicator still a tantalizing aspect for entry-level roll formers. To help with the cost, however, Shelburne said CondenStop would be willing to work with new customers on the purchase of a Star 1 Felt Applicator. The offer would not apply to existing customers who have already been provided CondenStop’s applicator.

Tony DelGhingaro, vice president of FILC USA, the makers of DripStop (, said he is not aware of any major problems with the use of their DripStop applicator, although he has seen roll formers who have designed their own.

He has not seen Star 1’s felt applicator in action, but said, “I wish them all the best and enjoy seeing others looking for additional ways to promote the condensation-control product family.” RF