By Michael Calhoun II, CIDAN Machinery

Exhibited at IRE 2022, nuIT by CIDAN Machinery is a software in the metal forming space that allows customers and internal teams to be able to remotely design custom trim, order panel, and stock items, and then send it into the shop for production.

From there operators will be able to plan out jobs, combine orders for optimization, and automatically update everyone involved. The software can even send profiles directly to equipment (brakes, folders, CTL lines, etc.). At IRE, they introduced QuickBooks Online Integration. With this new feature, shop owners can integrate nuIT with their invoicing.

In today’s world, customers and businesses run online. The easier it is for customers to place and track orders, the more likely and the more often they are to order with you. Even more importantly, mistakes are costly, both in time and material. With order confirmations based on what the customer has designed, that is an issue for the past.

The future of metal forming and optimizing shop production is the integration of software and new practices, with the efficiency of quality machines and workers. 

nuIT is a way to get the best from your customers and the best for production.

Living in the technological world, in the era of dynamic changes and growing competition, sheet metal shop owners are looking for solutions that would help them be most precise and efficient, stay organized and keep up with the market growth. 

Considering this demand and focusing on the metal industry development trends, CIDAN Machinery Group developed nuIT – a manufacturing management software for the sheet metal industry. 

nuIT order processing and production software:

• helps the business stay organized, keeping up with the market growth and optimizing time and staff management.

• allows shop owners to make the order process fast, safe, and easy, keeping customers posted about the status of their order through branded PDF`s.

• integrates with QuickBooks Online, saving your sheet metal business from accounting mistakes and their consequences.

The second you receive the order, it initially transfers relevant data to your folding and slitting machines, making the sheet metal fabrication management as easy as ever. RF