By Gary Reichert

As a business person, individual days are different but still mostly the same. Today is different. I am pleased to announce something new we have been working on: the State of the Industry Survey. Shield Wall Media and METALCON partnered to generate data about the market segments we serve. Through the survey we learned what builders, suppliers and manufacturers experienced in 2022 and what they anticipate for 2023. 

A few bullet points are included with the SOI article in this issue. We added a new feature appearing on the inside back cover of every issue of every magazine we publish. This feature is titled CSI: Construction Survey Insights. We generated too much data to include everything in one article. In CSI we will compare and contrast specific responses from our data. 

Roll forming is an area with a specific lack of reliable information. No one in the industry has a reliable measure of the number of roll formers or what they do. I’ve been asked to assist with surveys where the complete list size was under 50. That cannot provide any useable information. 

We are looking for strategic partners to help us collect good information and we are willing to share the raw data with those who help us.

If there are any comparisons you would like to see, let me know and we will include it if we can.

Have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2023.

Editor’s Note: Cautious Optimism For 2023

By Karen Knapstein

As I write this, less than a week ago Shield Wall Media produced its second Garage, Shed & Carport Builder Show. The show was held in Greenville, South Carolina. We didn’t know what to expect, but I’m excited to report it was a great success.

The show floor was 100% booked with exhibitors. (You could actually say it was 101% booked, as Gary squeezed in one additional booth during the eleventh hour.) 

What’s more, attendance was excellent. Those who came were primed and ready to do business, which made for happy attendees and happy exhibitors. 

One of the reasons South Carolina was selected as the show location is it is one of the centers of the metal building industry. There were quite a few exhibitors who are involved in some capacity in metal building construction. Exhibitors Acu-Form, ASC Machine, Bradbury, 3GM Steel, DripStop, Cold Springs Enterprises (Versabend), and others were kept busy by well-engaged visitors.

Acu-Form’s Wayne Troyer shares some of his insights on the metal building market: “We are seeing a lot activity —  especially from people upgrading equipment to meet the market demands. We also have a few new start ups, but everyone we talk to is real busy. There are lot of businesses going with all-metal buildings in the rural areas which is creating market share in the metal industries.”

Insights such as these, along with information from others in the construction industry and the results of the Shield Wall Media/METALCON industry survey, give me hope that 2023 won’t be too bad … but I don’t want to jinx it. 

For loads of insights from other construction industry professionals, read the State of the Industry article beginning on page 10. We’d love to hear your thoughts … you know how to reach me. (Find my contact information on page 5 if you don’t.)

Until next time — be well.